We all get busy, that’s just life.  But to help with the overwhelm and keep things organised and tidy, here are 3 simple tips for Getting Organised that I have found really helped me.

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Keep Calm and keep it clear!

I read a blog last year written by Tina M at Mother’s Niche who talks about The One Touch Rule.  Her husband introduced her to this rule when they first got married.  It’s so simple!  Why don’t we do it?  It would make like so much easier and organised for all of us.  Instead of just dropping things anywhere when we come into the house, we put it away …. immediately.  So this is what we usually do – we come in and drop our bag on the kitchen bench.  You want to make dinner, so the bag gets moved to the table.  When we’re ready to sit down to dinner, we then put the bag away in the spot where it belongs.  So that bag had 3 touches before it was put away.  If it had simply been put away when you first came in – ONE TOUCH :-).   Another reader calls it OHIO – Only Handle It Once!  I really try to stick to this, as our dining table used to be our dumping place, although not so much any more.  🙂

Others talk about 15 minutes of tidying and putting away before going to bed.  Get the whole family involved to clear the mess they have left.  It takes no time at all to put everything away, it’s a great habit to get the kids into, and you all get up to a tidy house in the morning.  I actually do this before I leave the house, so I know I won’t have to face a mess when I get in.

We all know the saying …. a place for everything and everything in it’s place.  It makes life so much easier when you are tidying up, and potentially you may not even have to make a point of spending time tidying, because it’s so easy to put everything away in the first place, because everything has a ‘home‘.  A great suggestion by Ken-Mary Nichols is to have a ‘no home box’.  Ken-Mary suggests having one in the laundry, bedroom and office.  These can be for anything that really doesn’t have a home, but also for any ‘spares’ that you’ve picked up on special.  Once you get into the habit of this, you can always check the ‘No Home Boxes’ before heading to the shops so you don’t end up with 5 spare globes for the bathroom light or 3 packs of AAAA batteries (although I’m always amazed at how many batteries we go through).

Getting organised fait accompli servicesOne of the best remedies for me to not only get the house tidy, but clean too, is when visitors are on the way over.  It’s amazing how much I put up with when I know it’s just the two of us at home, but if someone is expected, there’s a mad cleaning frenzy with me running around like a headless chicken until the visitors arrive.  The fact I have two furbabies who rule our house – a large, crazy energetic pooch who shakes hair and slobber everywhere he goes, and a smoochy moggy who is constantly leaving fur behind – means I could be cleaning almost every minute of the day!

So are you constantly running around like a headless chicken?  What are your strategies for keeping organised?