productivityCan people rely on you to turn up, or do you bail when you can’t be bothered?

Do you make arrangements and forget to add them to your diary?

Do you have all good intention of attending various events and then by the time of the event you don’t have time to go?

With technology and smartphones today, it’s so easy to make your excuses about not attending that meeting, coffee catchup, networking event, or what ever it might be.  A quick SMS is sent then it’s gone from our mind.

But have you thought about the person or people at the other end expecting you? If it’s a group event, perhaps you don’t think it’s an issue, but numbers may have already been catered for.  Bailing or changing plans at the last minute can have big ramifications if it is a one on one meeting.  The number of times I have planned around a specific meeting to maximise my time and travel, then receive a last minute SMS to cancel, several times when I’m just around the corner and about to pull up at my appointment.

Some might be grateful to have that time back to do other work, and that has worked out a few times if I haven’t left home yet, but after spending 30 minutes (or more) driving to an appointment, it’s not always convenient to find somewhere or something to do to fill in your time, and certainly not good form to change your other appointments.

I have to say I will bail uncatered networking events when I have deadlines looming.  It always seems to take longer to get things done than you anticipate.  Is it like that for you too?  But I like to think that most of the time if I make a commitment I’ll stick to it. The intention is certainly there 99% of the time.

It is better for others to know up front that you can’t make it, than to be bailed on at the last minute.  Don’t feel pressured to say yes, subconsciously knowing that you can bail later if you really need to (or just don’t feel like going).  If you’ve made a commitment to go, you should turn up, even if only for a short time.

Don’t say yes to please others.  It only creates further stress on both parties when the catch up doesn’t happen. There will always be unavoidable delays, or a crisis that you have no control over, but planning and being organised is part of ensuring your day runs smoothly and you’re able to meet all those commitments. We carry technology with us constanVirtual Assistant Fait Accompli Servicestly, so using that technology should make it simpler and easier to be more organised, it’s all about how we use it.

What are your thoughts?  How do you handle cancellations or people bailing, or changing plans at the last minute?  Whether business or personal, it still has an impact on us in some way.

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