About Anne Hetherington

After working for years as an Executive Assistant and within a Project Management environment, Anne is now using her skills to help busy people bring some semblance of order into their daily lives, and create those precious extra hours needed to enjoy life. Having worked across all levels of business, Anne is sensitive to confidential information and will handle any situation professionally and with ease.
Too busy? Stressed? No time? Let Anne do all the stuff you don't know how to do, or don't have time for. Get on top of things with a helping hand from your very own personal assistant.

Know your Personal Concierge?

Know your Personal Concierge!
Do you know your Personal Concierge?  Here are a few facts about Anne, Personal Concierge of Fait Accompli Services.

My favourite colour is pink (can you tell?)

I have been in the workforce for over 30 years (That really does make me sound old!)

I have 1 brother (who is married with 2 sons)

I […]

Six months ago ……

While trying to decide what I wanted to write about today – I have a list of ideas in a notebook but nothing was inspiring me today – I found this quote which started me thinking about where I am today compared to six months ago ….. and what brought me here.

It’s a dull, […]

3 Minute Chocolate Cupcakes !

It used to be muffins!  Everyone was baking muffins!
Now it’s cupcakes.  3 Minute Chocolate Cupcakes!
I love cupcakes, but had never baked one.  My muffins were always dry after the first day.  Didn’t matter what I did …. fresh flour, fresh eggs at room temperature, minimal mixing …. you could just about use them as […]

There’s nothing like fresh herbs!

I was doing some admin work for a client a couple of weeks ago and she asked me if I could source a gardener for her, as she just never gets time to get into the garden and to her, having an untidy garden is as bad as having an untidy house!  I suggested […]

How do you make a bed?

Those that know me know I don’t have kids (although I do have furkids) and I’m a pretty easy going, laid back person that gets on with just about everyone, even kids!!  And I thought I knew how to make a bed, but everyone does it differently!
One of the tasks I do as a […]

What’s this blogging malarky?

Everyone seems to be blogging these days!

Why is it so big?
Who blogs?
Why do they blog?
Should I blog?
What would I write about?

These were all questions I was asking myself, even after reading so many fabulous blogs that cover such a variety of subjects.

So I found this ‘Blogging for Beginners’ course run by the Australian Writers’ […]

When can a Personal Concierge help out?

When can a Personal Concierge help out?
Aren’t they those guys that help you at a hotel?
Aren’t they for the rich and famous?

Well not these days!  We are living increasingly busy lives, and sometimes things might get on top of us a little.  An elderly relative is ill and needs taking to doctors appointments, but […]