Know your Personal Concierge?

Know your Personal Concierge!
Do you know your Personal Concierge?  Here are a few facts about Anne, Personal Concierge of Fait Accompli Services.

My favourite colour is pink (can you tell?)

I have been in the workforce for over 30 years (That really does make me sound old!)

I have 1 brother (who is married with 2 sons)

I […]

Six months ago ……

While trying to decide what I wanted to write about today – I have a list of ideas in a notebook but nothing was inspiring me today – I found this quote which started me thinking about where I am today compared to six months ago ….. and what brought me here.

It’s a dull, […]

3 Minute Chocolate Cupcakes !

It used to be muffins!  Everyone was baking muffins!
Now it’s cupcakes.  3 Minute Chocolate Cupcakes!
I love cupcakes, but had never baked one.  My muffins were always dry after the first day.  Didn’t matter what I did …. fresh flour, fresh eggs at room temperature, minimal mixing …. you could just about use them as […]

There’s nothing like fresh herbs!

I was doing some admin work for a client a couple of weeks ago and she asked me if I could source a gardener for her, as she just never gets time to get into the garden and to her, having an untidy garden is as bad as having an untidy house!  I suggested […]

How do you make a bed?

Those that know me know I don’t have kids (although I do have furkids) and I’m a pretty easy going, laid back person that gets on with just about everyone, even kids!!  And I thought I knew how to make a bed, but everyone does it differently!
One of the tasks I do as a […]

What’s this blogging malarky?

Everyone seems to be blogging these days!

Why is it so big?
Who blogs?
Why do they blog?
Should I blog?
What would I write about?

These were all questions I was asking myself, even after reading so many fabulous blogs that cover such a variety of subjects.

So I found this ‘Blogging for Beginners’ course run by the Australian Writers’ […]

When can a Personal Concierge help out?

When can a Personal Concierge help out?
Aren’t they those guys that help you at a hotel?
Aren’t they for the rich and famous?

Well not these days!  We are living increasingly busy lives, and sometimes things might get on top of us a little.  An elderly relative is ill and needs taking to doctors appointments, but […]