Veloster with Personal Concierge signage“A Personal Concierge!”  “What does a Personal Concierge do?”  What on earth could a Personal Concierge do for me?”  I hear you say.  Perhaps if you know a bit about a Day in the Life of a Personal Concierge it might help you understand how I might make life a little easier for you.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to hand over your To Do list and know that at the end of the day everything will be done just as you asked?  Without the stress of doing it all yourself!

How much more time would you have to work on your business (rather than IN your business) or spend time playing with the kids or helping with homework, or making time to get to that networking meeting you had scheduled?  More time for you, to help with the overwhelm that can sometimes consume us.

How much easier would you sleep tonight knowing you could rely on ‘another you’ that would effectively allow you to be in two places at one time?

Running Errands

So what does a Day in the Life of a Personal Concierge look like?  It can be running errands from one side of town to the other – you know when you have to return that unwanted item, collect a parcel from the post office and buy some stamps, collect some specialised items of stationery, and pick up some clothes for the kids that are on sale.  Just think how great it will be to know that those things are taken care of while you make those client calls you’v been meaning to do all week.

Virtual Assistant

I could also help out as your very own private personal assistant doing tasks for your business in my own office – not yours!  Imagine having those admin tasks sorted out for you; those ones you never get around to because you just don’t like doing them.  Perhaps it’s entering all those contacts from business cards that have been sitting on your desk for 12 months, scheduling and booking client appointments, following up outstanding invoices … the list could be endless.

Relocation Assistance

Busy people lead busy lives.  Sometimes the day to day routine takes up all the hours in the day, without adding extra projects into the mix.  That’s where assistance from a Personal Concierge can lighten the load.  Whether it’s helping to co-ordinate the move and pack up and/or unpack, arranging quotes, picking up keys or being available to accept deliveries, there are so many tasks that can be delegated to free up your time to enable you to get on with other things.

The Same or Variety

My days are varied due to the different clients I work with, which is the way I like it.  And that’s what a Personal Concierge is all about.  Doing stuff for you that you don’t have time for or don’t know how to do, or don’t like to do.  Whether it’s a regular task you just never get around to doing?  Or a little project you keep promising to start but don’t know where to begin.  Delegate the stuff you can, to free up your time to get on with the other more important things in life.

A Typical Work Day

On this particular day, my client had a meeting scheduled at 10am (and wasn’t sure how long she would be out) but still had a list of tasks that had to be done for the day.  She called on her Personal Concierge to help out.  After a quick debrief, I was off to get everything ticked off the list, so my client could focus on the meeting ahead, knowing that everything else would just happen – a bit like magic!

Here’s an idea of a typical work day for me:

9.00am  Collect vehicle from client’s home and deliver it and paperwork to the business warehouse.

9.30am  Change vehicles at the warehouse to run some errands.

–  Collect stationery from Officeworks.

–  Collect an item from Target that was on special to be put away for Christmas (that’s how organised this lady is!).

–  Return some equipment no longer required.

–  Collect some documents from the bank.

11.30am  Sort paperwork and filing in the client’s office.

1.30pm    Light  housework duties.

3.00pm    Make calls and book Tradies in for quotes for bathroom renovations and relining the swimming pool.

3.30pm    Once client arrive home, provide receipts, update on tasks, and appointments booked for quotes.Home Office Personal Concierge

Having a Personal Concierge allows my client to be available to collect the kids from school and spend some time with them playing and doing homework, before the usual routine of dinner prep, bath time, and bedtime reading.

Everything gets done without any stress and frustration because I’m available to help out as and when required.

So there you have it – a day in the life of this Personal Concierge!

Maybe I could be part of your day too!

Think about what could I do for you.

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