“What could a Virtual Assistant do for me?”  I hear you say.  Perhaps if you know a bit about a Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant it might help you understand how I can make life easier for you.

Virtual Assistant

Wouldn’t you like to be able to hand over those mundane admin tasks that take way too much of your time?

How much more time would you have to spend working on your business, instead of in the business, doing tasks that don’t generate income?

Won’t you sleep better knowing all those fiddly admin chores are being looked after as efficiently and effectively (and perhaps even more so) than you doing them yourself?

Read on to learn more about what a Virtual Assistant does, and a snapshot of a day in the life of this Virtual Assistant.

I’ve just sat down at my desk in my home office ready to start work.  I started my morning by seeing the ‘Mister of the House’ off to work, did the usual 5km walk with the dog (stopping to let him play in the park with some new pals while I chat to their owners), washed up the breakfast dishes and tidied up the house.  With a cup of coffee and bottle of water on my desk, I’m ready to tackle my paid work for the day.

Here’s an idea of a typical VA day for me:

I’ve already got a few things on my To Do list from yesterday’s phone calls and messages, and will likely have some emails with more bits and pieces for today.  After checking the inbox and responding as required, I note the time as I start my first task.

1.  Internet Research (2 hours)

Research venues for workshops across the CBD for around 15 to 20 people.  Need details of location, facilities, parking availability, and cost.  Requirement to make a few phone calls to check some details.  Compile info into a spreadsheet with links to the website for each venue.  Email details to client.

2.  Research and develop a Spreadsheet (1 hour)

Compile list of options required for drop down boxes for a new website being developed.  Spreadsheet created with headings and detail required under each listing, having researched sites with a similar concept.  Details emailed to client.

3.  Design Newsletter for a Tradie in MailChimp (1.5 hours)

Copy and paste content I created last night for a MailChimp newsletter to be sent to their contact database, utilising some photos they have provided, and finding other suitable photos to include.  I send test emails to myself to enable further proof reading and ensure ‘readability’.  Amazing how the newsletter can look different in the email to how it looks on the screen within MailChimp!  Once I’m happy I send a test newsletter to the client for approval.

4.  Design Newsletter for a client (2 hours)

Another MailChimp newsletter for a different client.  This time I have the basic words from the client on email, so it’s a matter of finnessing the content, finding suitable pictures and photos to include, and changing the design slightly from a previous newsletter.  I also have a list of new contacts to add to the master contact list.  More proofreading and test emails to myself, before sending a test newsletter to the client for final approval.  After a couple of minor tweaks the newsletter is ready to go.

My heart always beats that bit faster as I hit that big send button.  It’s not only my business on the line here – I’m a virtual employee of my client, even if it’s only for a short time!

5.  Composing Letters (1.5 hours)

Next task is to compose a letter requesting sponsorship and support for a lunch for a charity I’m involved in (although this isn’t paid work).  Proofreading and sense checking seems to take almost as long as it does to write the letter!  Going away and coming back to check it again later proves very worthwhile – I’d missed a small typo which was very quickly corrected.  Job completed with the letter being emailed to the Board for approval.

VA collage

So having finished the VA work for the day, it’s time to think about my other job, as homemaker.  What’s for tea?  The furkid is nudging to remind me he wants another walk, and it’s almost time to meet the ‘Mister of the House’ off the bus!

Think I could help you out?  Give me a call for a no obligation consultation so you can learn first hand about a day in the life of a virtual assistant!