Know your Personal Concierge!

Do you know your Personal Concierge?  Here are a few facts about Anne, Personal Concierge of Fait Accompli Services.

  • My favourite colour is pink (can you tell?)

  • I have been in the workforce for over 30 years (That really does make me sound old!)

  • I have 1 brother (who is married with 2 sons)

  • I have lived in 4 different countries

  • I swam in the Katherine River in the Northern Territory (before I knew there were fresh water crocs everywhere!)

  • I have worked across 8 different industries

  • I’ve climbed Mount Kosciuszko, Bluff Knoll and Ayres Rock, and lots of steep hills in the UK and Europe

  • I worked for a gold mining company in North Queensland for 3 months

  • I’ve been to Humpty Doo (in the Northern Territory in case you don’t know where it is)

  • I’ve not managed to get to Tasmania yet

  • I used to sell Tupperware and Avon (used to I said!)

  • I supply snack chocolates and chips to various businesses in the northern suburbs with part proceeds going to charity

Travel, a range of employment experience in various roles and industries and life itself, has been solid grounding to ensure this Personal Concierge is able to offer a reliable, quality service in every aspect.  Whether you need help to organise your personal life, or some assistance to keep the office functioning smoothly, Anne is your One Stop Shop Personal Concierge who will help those stresses disappear.

Call Anne now to learn how a Personal Concierge can help you!