7 ideas for Christmas Shopping Inspiration


7 6 ideas for Christmas shopping inspiration.

It’s exciting at this time of year.  The anticipation leading up to Christmas Day, getting to catch up with everyone, eating and drinking waaayyyy too much.  BUT … there can be a downside. But not if you’re prepared.

Forget the run around!

Forget the last minute dash!

Forget the hours traipsing from one shop to another!

Forget the aching feet and sore shoulders from carrying heavy bags!

Here are 6 ideas for Christmas shopping inspiration without leaving the comfort of your chair.

1.  Oh no! I don’t know that person I’ve got for Secret Santa?

You could try pop.com.au for something functional and a little different.  How about a cheeky teatowel or apron.  Or try Yellow Octopus for a whole range of gadgets and fun ideas, like a cool Ice Ball Maker.

2.  For a special friend

Lizelle Hartley of Smart Girls has helped thousands of men and women develop their own style and eliminate hours spent standing in front of a wardrobe full of clothes but still having nothing to wear.  From a wardrobe audit, to a styling session, to a personal shopping trip, you will be amazed with how many more outfits you’ll be able to put together from your existing wardrobe, and how confident you’ll feel every time you step out the front door.

3.  For your nearest and dearest

There are so many gorgeous ideas for something very personal from Uberkate it will be hard to choose!  Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, cufflinks, or one of the new Uberbanner necklaces – your choice will be sure to please, whether it’s for a male or female.

 4.  For the budding photographer

Do you know someone who is keen to take their photography to the next level?  A gift certificate from Photoh will give them the opportunity to get out for a couple of hours with other like minded photographers, and get some hands on hints, tips and tuition from experienced photographers.  They can choose when they want to go, and whether they want a Perth by Night session, Nature, Portraits or Landscapes session.

5.  Something that everyone will love to play with

Kinetic sand is something for all ages.  Imagine being able to carry a bit of the beach with you, without the hassle of it getting into every nook and cranny imaginable.  Just a handful is a superior replacement for a stress ball, and easy to keep in a container in your bag for those times when you’re waiting around for things to happen.

6.  Doesn’t everyone need some extra time!

How about giving the gift of time?  (I couldn’t miss a shameless plug now, could I?)  A gift certificate from Fait Accompli Services for personal concierge or virtual assistance could be a saving grace.  Everyone is just so busy these days, so imagine giving someone a couple of hours to themselves to head off for some much needed ‘me’ time, or half a day for the solo entrepreneur to allow them to get their head round planning for the new year instead of shuffling paper around their desk.    You choose what you’d like to give and we’ll come up with a package to suit!

7.  Give a gift to those less fortunate

What about giving to those less fortunate than ourselves?  In today’s crazy world every little bit helps.  There are so many not-for-profit organisations out there trying to make a difference to those that don’t have much.  All the big retailers have their Christmas trees available so you can buy a gift for an underprivileged child, The Smith Family have various options available to donate to help Australian kids, and at Oxfam you can purchase a goat or a chicken for an overseas families.  I also make a point of buying at least one pack of charity cards each year.

Christmas collage

Here’s more inspiration for Christmas Shopping from some lovely ladies in the blogging community:-

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How organised will you be?  

Get onto it now and be prepared!

Remember, it’s just on 4 weeks till Christmas day!!