InspiInspirational Teens Incrational Teens Inc.

I’ve recently become involved with the not-for-profit Inspirational Teens Inc, co-founded by Theresa Bates and Lizelle Hartley in July 2014.

Theresa is a certified Health Coach/Counsellor, Mental Health advocate, Author and Philanthropist with over 5 years experience in this industry.

Lizelle is one of Perth’s top fashion and image stylists and is business owner of ‘SmartGirls’. Lizelle has over 20 years experience as a fashion designer, and has previously owned modelling schools, giving her a wealth of experience in working with teenagers from all walks of life.

Their vision is to raise funds to enable teenagers to attend educational and prevention based programs and workshops that are facilitated by professionals. Their vision is to empower WA teenagers. The key areas of focus are ensuring teenagers build resilience, enhance self-confidence and adopt skills to achieve more in their lives. The organisation has a strong focus on supporting teenagers in the hope that prevention is better than a cure!

In addition to developing a positive self-image, Inspirational Teens Inc. strives to achieve the following core objectives:

  • To provide teenagers with the tools and information they need to choose and maintain a healthy mindset
  • To enhance competence, confidence and self esteem of teenagers in Western Australia
  • Build leadership and life skills for all participants.

I met Lizelle early in 2014 and loved the fact that in addition to helping older women find their style and confidence, she is also working with teenagers and running workshops to help them be as comfortable and confident in their own skin, without any fear of stepping out as an individual.

After meeting Theresa and joining forces, there was no stopping these two as they went full speed ahead to establish Fab Teens, the organisation under which they run their workshops for teen girls.  After a very short time, it became clear that some of the girls who most needed the education and self belief could not always attend the workshops, and so Inspirational Teens Inc. was born.

FAB Teens Logo

Both Theresa and Lizelle are mothers, and are passionate about empowering teenagers to find their inner confidence to overcome the hurdles of everyday life.

After learning of their vision, I immediately put my hand up to help out.  As a volunteer to Inspirational Teens Inc. I am providing administration support and assisting with fundraising activities. Not having a nurturing relationship during my informative years with my mother (who passed away when I was 5 years old), I can appreciate the difficulties teens can find themselves in as they struggle to come to terms with who they are, and finding confidence to be their own person.

Learn more about the workshops run by Fab Teens here.

Learn more about the charity Inspirational Teens Inc. by contacting either Theresa on 0438 951 884 or Lizelle on 0433 655 983, or email  

Our first fundraising event for 2015 is an Outdoor Movie Night on Wednesday 14th January 2015 – Mrs Doubtfire.  See poster below for details.  Our next event is a sumptuous luncheon on 6th February at Matilda Bay, with inspirational speakers and a silent auction.  Use the contact details above for more information.

Mrs Doubtfire Movie Night poster