I was doing some admin work for a client a couple of weeks ago and she asked me if I could source a gardener for her, as she just never gets time to get into the garden and to her, having an untidy garden is as bad as having an untidy house!  I suggested that I could do the gardening for her – after all, my aim is to do all those things you don’t have time for, plus I love gardening :-).

Gardening Herbs


So along with the usual weeding, pruning and tidying around the garden and all the pot plants, my client also wanted some more herbs planted.  She already had a good variety – basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, sage ….. but I added in some mint, continental parsley and lemon thyme.  The fragrance of fresh basil and rosemary is wonderful!

Got me thinking about my own garden, so I’ve now added some parsley and basil to the chives and thyme that are already growing well in the big planters.  Makes you feel good knowing you can pick fresh herbs as you need them.

So many recipes call for fresh herbs, and paying over $3.00 for a small limp bunch of basil from the supermarket is ridiculous.

Which herbs do you grow?  In garden beds or pots? Inside or out?

Which ones grow well for you? And which ones do you use on a regular basis?