Those that know me know I don’t have kids (although I do have furkids) and I’m a pretty easy going, laid back person that gets on with just about everyone, even kids!!  And I thought I knew how to make a bed, but everyone does it differently!

One of the tasks I do as a Personal Concierge for one of my clients is to change the kids’ bed sheets.  So when my client rang to say the kids were freaked out by the way I’d made their beds, I thought it was definitely something worth sharing.  

So how do you make a bed?

bed sheets

I’ve never really thought much about how I make a bed before now.  I remember being taught as a youngster, before fitted sheets were even invented.  Well, we didn’t have fitted sheets back then.  Sheets had to be square on the bed, no lumps or bumps, hospital corners.  Do you do hospital corners?  It’s a bit like folding the ends of the paper when wrapping a present – has to be neat and flat!  Bottom sheet tucked in all the way round, top sheet tucked in at the end and down the wall side, finished off with hospital corners!

Fitted sheets make life so much easier!  We don’t use a top sheet at our house anymore.  We have a doona (or duvet – depending on which part of the world you come from) and change the doona cover as regularly as we change the bottom sheet.  (Actually, at our house we change the sheets 2 or 3 times a week as the furbabies think our bed belongs to them – when we’re not in it I should add!)

Micro & Linc

Micro & Lincoln – so much for staying at the end of the bed on the towel !

Anyway, the reason the kids were not happy is because I put the top sheet on upside down!!  Or at least it was upside down to them.

I always put the patterned side of the sheet facing down, so that when you turn the bed back, you see the pattern, not the faded ‘wrong’ side of the sheet!  Plus when you turn the top of the sheet down over the doona, you see the ‘right’ side of the pattern.   The kids actually refused to get into bed until it was made ‘properly’!  So at 8pm after a long week my poor client had to remake the kids’ beds on 3 different occasions before she remembered to tell me.  It was only after one of them said “Mum, do you think you should give Anne a lesson on how to make our  beds” that she remembered to share the story!

Gave me a laugh after a tiring day 🙂



How do you make a bed?  Top sheet and/or doona?

 Do you make it with the top sheet upside down?

Do you do hospital corners?  Do you know what hospital corners are?

Would you like your very own Personal Concierge to make your bed?